CJ Salvador

WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp will host this amazing talent for the first time. He is one of the most desirable choreographers and dancers in the world.

Cj Salvador has started tap dancing classes at the age of 10 at The Talent Forum in Libertyville, Illinois. Mark Yonally was a dance teacher that really took him under his wing. He was inspired to take dance because he thought it might be fun to be in a boy band one day and of course because of Michael Jackson.

He later took at Extreme Dance Center in Chicago – Ian Eastwood was his first hip-hop teacher CJ also boxed for three years and played a lot of sports. He follows the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bulls. His favorite place he’s visited thus far is Scotland. He was born and raised in Chicago and says sushi is his favorite food. He’s been in Los Angeles since May of 2011 and has already worked several jobs including the Selena Gomez tour, which kicks off at the end of July. Some of his favorite dance classes to take in Los Angeles are those taught by Shaun Evaristo, David Moore, Kevin Maher and Tony Testa. He has been known as a dancer at Justin Bieber’s tours “Believe” and “Purpose” alongside Nick Demoura.

Recently you could spot Cj Salvador while was touring with Taiwan Williams on European workshop Tour organized by WhoGotSkillz, the largest urban dance community in Europe. They visited Amsterdam, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich.