Laure Courtellemont

Dancehall Dancer, Choreographer & Professor, Laure Courtellemont is well-known worldwide as the best in her profession. Originally from France, she ‘s now Based in LOS ANGELES and teaches every week at Dance Factory. She also has been teaching at the famous New York Broadway Dance Center.

The rest of the time, She travels the world to share her amazing talent & experience, attending exhibitions, festivals and workshops. To date she teaches everywhere from Brazil to New York (where she lived from 2008 through 2010) via the West Indies, Russia, Poland, Siberia, Finland, Jamaica, Tahiti, Mexico, Turkey and The Czech Republic. So many Countries she is known as the most talented dancer and one of her own kind …

She shines through perfection and mastery of her dance moves. With a mix of originality, grace, character, sensuality and femininity, she makes dancehall accessible to the grand public. You do not need to be an expert to appreciate her talent; her choreographies are proof as well as her YouTube videos with millions of viewers.