Little Phil

Son of a big family of African origin Phil is born and grown up in Europe. From his 8th year of his life he has been fascinated by the Hip Hop movement, its dance, its culture. He did not hesitate to take the chance to train with his big brothers, all great dancers by themselves. Due to his talent and his fast developing incomparable physical and technical style it did not take long before he was invited to participate in a workshop in the United States (New York). Here he had the chance to meet some big names of the American Hip Hop Scene, for example Crazy Legs and Ken Swift from ” The Rock Steady Crew” (Zulu Anniversary); Keith Williams (Janet Jackson dancer); Jamal (Will Smith dancer “Men in Black” and “Getting jiggy with it”) Poppin Prince (Magnifice and Force). Beside his dance career as the youngest member of the Hip Hop dance company “MAGIK FORCE” he uses to work as choreographer and presenter. Due to the great number of live shows here and abroad he has already acquired extraordinary skills and experience. His unique creative talent and explosive performance make him best suited to find his place among the greatest movers and groovers of the modem Hip Hop scene